Working Hours : 09:00 – 18:30

Location : Hyderabad

Hotline : 040 2956 5856


MiraiNxt is backed by investors, subject matter experts and Ivy League thinktanks. It promotes purposeful innovation, driven by technology and inclusivity to make a new tomorrow, encouraging creativity as a fuel for innovation.

The program has been conceived to develop innovations ability beginning with developing confidence in the problem once has embarked on a path to solve. Born out of the need to add purpose to work, MiraNxt It facilitates you to be able to get the hands to be held for exploring the landscape diverse perspectives which can be the fodder to innovative ideas.

There is no innovation that can taste success without the involvement of others, the right ones. A natural intent associated with MiranNxt is the ability to bring the relevant “others” on board— amalgamating a diverse expertise and perspectives to reduce the engagement curve.

We believe that any beneficiary we engaged with their innovation requires learning, reflecting and improving. We make all of this a part of our successful innovation structures. Finally, true innovation needs world class ability to implement and execute.

With MiraiNxt you get supreme determination and perseverance for execution practices, funding coming along the way as we support ventures scale up global frontiers.