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Location : Hyderabad

Hotline : 040 2956 5856



  • Nextmeet is an Edtech startup creating an immersive 3D collaboration platform
  • Avatar based collaboration with features of unlimited customization to mimic real human behavior.
  • 3D Environments that simulate the real world.
  • Functional environments that enable nonverbal cues to reduce the mental effort of the user.
  • Spatial Audio for enhanced collaboration.
  • Interactive communication and presentation tools.
  • Dedicated spaces for businesses to advertise and generate leads.
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 Sycuris Labs

  • The mission of the Sycuris Lab Foundation is to Promote, Facilitate, Enable, Establish, Mentor & to Provide Education, Training & Research in  the areas of Cyber Defence & Related  Technologies that are Critically Important for  our Nation’s Safety
  • Build a diverse skilled workforce in Cyber Defence & Related Technologies & Create a Large Pool of Cyber Defenders.
  • Support, Facilitate and Mentor research work in Cyber Defence & Related Technologies using various methods including call for paper,  collaboration with relevant institutions.
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Learn By Research

  • Learn By Research is the single platform in India where students collaborate to work on projects. Learn By Research molds next researchers
  • Learn By Research is a hub for innovation, research & development. Pioneered by experienced professionals from the industry, academics & startups.
  • Our methodology emphases on a practical learning approach with hands-on experience to inculcate the best industry standards. This approach is meant to help students face all challenges with the supervision of a guide.
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