Masters Program Thank You Master Program


About the Program

Masters Program Thank You Master Program

MiraiNxt, in a collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania, offers PennGSE’s Global Education Entrepreneurship and Innovation Certificate Program. It is the world’s first online program tailored for individuals interested in addressing critical issues in the dynamic landscape of education through innovative, purpose-driven organizations.

This unique certificate program equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to set up and scale entrepreneurial practice. Blending global expertise, research, and practice from the University of Pennsylvania’s top-ranked schools of education, business, design, and engineering, the program is designed in a high-flex model with up to six customizable modules.

Ideal for

Industry leaders, deans, directors, VCs, Pro VCs, school leadership teams, outreach and marketing leaderships, entrepreneurs in education, researchers and more.

Program Highlights

Draws from Penn GSE’s acclaimed curriculum – ranked #1 by U.S. News & World Report
Expertise, research, and practice from Penn GSE, Wharton, Weitzman Design, and Engineering
The world’s first virtual-format
learning experience in Education Entrepreneurship
Understand the Education &
Technology Innovation
Foster a Team Culture of
Cultivate an Entrepreneurial
Use Engineering Science to build and test New Models
Create Conditions which
accelerate Program/Service/
Product Innovation
Connect Research to Practice
to drive Creativity &

Program Duration

2.5-hour session live session every weekend across 4 weeks, 9th, 16th, 23rd, and 30th of October, by UPenn faculty with a blended learning pedagogy and project-based outcomes leading to:
  • Global Education Landscape Market Map
  • Innovation Assessment for education companies / providers for leadership mindset
  • Education Entrepreneurial Profiles for Teams and Individuals
  • Blueprints for an Entrepreneurial Venture, Program, Service, or Product in education
  • Inspiring innovation culture
  • Logic Models, Driver Diagrams, Personas, Concept and Journey Maps
  • Global Innovation landscape in education
Course Fee : USD 2500 per participant (inclusive of taxes)
Masters Program Thank You Master Program


What is the main USP of the program and what value is derived by an individual by completing the certification?

Penn GSE is the #1 Graduate School of Education in the United States, and the school’s reputation in innovation and education entrepreneurship is recognized worldwide. A learner will gather an in-depth understanding of the global education landscape, foster an entrepreneurial mindset, and build a support network with like-minded individuals.

How does the program differ from other similar Education entrepreneurship programs offered by other universities?

Penn GSE’s education entrepreneurship certificate program is the world’s first online program custom-designed for industry leaders, entrepreneurs/intrapreneurs, investors or anyone interestedin effecting impactful changes through innovative and purpose-driven organizations. The program also blends expertise from faculty from UPenn’s top-ranked Graduate School of Education, the Wharton School, and the School of Engineering.

Are the modules customizable for each individual as per their need/ requirement or are they fixed as a part of the curriculum?

Modules will be selected from the topics present on the website and are customized to specific cohorts. The Penn GSE teaching team will communicate with the MiraiNXT to finalize the curriculum content.

What kind of assessment will be conducted towards closure of the course?

Learners will get assignments throughout the program. The instructing team will provide detailed, on-going feedback for submitted assignments. Additionally, the teaching team will also provide feedback to learners for specific in-class activities.

Will there be a project submission as a part of the program? What are the project based outcomes?

By the end of the program, learners will have submitted one to three projects. Specific outcomes are contingent upon modules selected. Some of the core project-based outcomes include: the understanding of education landscape in India and globally, ability to craft a compelling journey story, and tools to create an organizational culture of innovation.

Is there a fixed agenda for the asynchronous sessions of the program?

The asynchronous materials of the course will supplement the live sessions. The asynchronous portion of the course includes related articles, videos, interactive activities, and group discussions.


Jenny Zapf

Senior Fellow Ph.D, University of Virginia

Barbara "Bobbi" Kurshan

Senior Fellow Ed.D, Virginia Tech University

Dr. Serrano LeGrand Jr.

Researcher, Educator, Program Instructor Ed.D., University of Pennsylvania

Maria Spies

Faculty Partner, Co-Founder HolonIQ, Global Education Intelligence


“Loved the course! It was a new experience for me.”

“I learned to have a global vision, to think about my work with a broader vision, and to improve my work using class examples and tools”

“The course has great influence on my character. I feel my innovative mindset growing – excited to try some new things at work and in my personal life!”

“I learned about the stakeholder mapp and customer discovery from this course. These tools are so helpful; I am excited to implement these tools at my work.”