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The healthcare market in India is forecasted to reach USD 372 billion by 2022-2023. The global digital health market size is expected to reach ~USD 300B by 2028 and is projected to expand at a CAGR of 15% over the forecast period. With the covid being an unfortunate facilitator, the other factors like higher health awareness and better health insurance there are constant innovative disruptions expected in healthcare and life sciences.

As the entrepreneurial ecosystem of health-tech evolves, the technology-led solutions are expected to drive the healthcare business from India to the world. The world at large is witnessing a shift from the curative treatment-led approach to a diagnostic, preventive, holistic treatment related approach. Digital evolution in the sector is making solutions more personalised with artificial intelligence, robotics, machine learning-led solutions bringing faster solutions for diagnosis and treatment.

MiraiNxt Innovation Centre will lead this evolution from the front fostering strong tie-up with healthcare leaders. With experts from the field of medicine, biosciences and technology being a part of the innovation centre, we have the ability to reduce the time to market and revenue for health tech startups. Whether the venture is medical devices-led or deep-tech augmented analytics, we are here to make the founder’s vision come true.