Education Technology is one of the faster scaling up applications of tech today. With regulators, educators, learners, and institutions looking to maximize reach and develop a breed of global learners, the era of the EdTech Revolution is here. The global EdTech market is expected to exceed USD 400B (HolonIq). However, it is still around 5-6% of the $7.3T global education market forecast for 2025.
EdTech is not one size fits all solution and hence the developments are rapidly changing all aspects of the education process of Admit – Administer – Assess – Accentuate. The EdTech ecosystem is delivering solutions not just to address one part of the student life cycle but instead to give them a holistic solution. However, it is lesser-known that, unlike other sectors, the education sector works under unique regulations and mandates.
Adaptive learning, virtual labs, online collaboration tools, AR, VR, and Gamification are part and parcel of EdTech solutions. MiraiNxt is founded by and housed in educational institutions with more than four decades of legacy. With the best-in-class global EdTech experts empaneled at MiraiNxt, we aspire to help solve global issues in learning development, irrespective of the age of the learner.