MiraiNxt is an innovation center backed by investors, subject matter experts and Ivy League think tanks. It promotes purposeful innovation, driven by technology and inclusivity to make a new tomorrow, encouraging creativity as a fuel for innovation.

MiraiNxt supports startups working in the Edtech, Blockchain, AI/ML, Metaverse, Climate tech, Cleantech and other Deeptech sectors. Startups that may have already developed a solution, but need guidance and capital to scale and/or expand your go to market proposition are welcome to apply.

We believe that any beneficiary we engage with requires learning, reflecting and improving. We make all of this a part of our successful innovation structure. Finally, true innovation needs world class ability to implement and execute.

  • Potential startups get a chance to be part of Microsoft for Startups program as part of collaboration with Microsoft.
  • Opportunity to pitch to our family office for investment.
  • Mirainxt onboarded startups get a chance to access Azure credits, Microsoft tools and services
  • Startups get access to the engineering students interns.
  • Multiple fundraising opportunities during the program journey
  • The startups are given access to the International Market through our collaborations.
  • Mirainxt team closely works with the startup founders during the Accelerator program to establish a proper Team, Marketing Strategy, Business Plan & Pitch Deck
  • Startups get access to the students in the technology pool who can work with startups as Interns.

The Accelerator Program will run for 6 to 8 months per cohort. However, we would love to associate with the startups and provide our services after the program as well.

Mirainxt wants to maintain the relationship with the startups throughout their lifetime. We suggest the startups keep in touch with the Mentors, Mirainxt Team and continuously update on the performance to support in future collaborations and opportunities. 



The evaluation happens in multiple stages taking various rubrics into consideration. We suggest you to properly fill the F6S form to make the evaluation efficient.

Mirainxt is not charging the startups anything to join the Accelerator program. However, an upfront equity of 3% to 5% will be charged depending on the stage at which the startup is, the amount of resources and support the startup would need to excel.

Once the accelerator program ends, the selected startups will get a chance to pitch for investment to the VC firms during the Demo Day.

Yes, there will be periodic opportunities for the startups to pitch to the investors.

We would love to host you on campus during the accelerator program but considering the pandemic situation, we might accept virtual presence as well.